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Be inspired in the Concert Hall by our free guitar lessons on core repertoire for the classical guitar. The pieces chosen are fun for the fingers and effective for the ear. These aim to get you away from your practice space and to get you out performing. Sheet music for most of this music is available on this site either as free sheet music, alternately it can be found in the Music Shop.

If you have just started to learn classical guitar then Beginner Classical Guitar is the place for you. These free online classical guitar lessons provides progressive lessons that take you from raw beginner to to your first solo classical guitar performance piece. Each lesson has an exercise with a targeted aim for the beginner classical guitar player, free sheet music to work with, tips and guidelines for working through the lesson and supporting materials such as accompanying mp3s.The lessons are designed to incrementally and progressively develop your finger strenth and dexterity, musical knowledge and familiarity with the first position of the guitar. The outputs of the seven lesson course can be seen by clicking the link.

If you are a raw beginner, you might want to familiarise yourself with some of the guitar basics. These include advice on buying a classical guitar, classical guitar sitting positions, an overview of the classical guitar fretboard, an introduction to music theory for guitar playing and to classical guitar sitting supports.

Develop and strengthen your playing by working through the sheet music and lessons provided in the practice room which contains advice on practicing and left hand exercises.

Do you need guitar strings? A metronome? A guitar tuner? Visit the Music Shopto have a look at our recommended guitars for beginners, guitars recommended for more advanced players and a wide variety of other guitar related products.

"I was my own teacher and pupil, and thanks to the efforts of both, they were not discontented with each other"(Segovia)

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  • The Learn Classical Guitar Today Blog keeps you up to date with free online classical guitar lessons and articles for beginner and intermediate guitarists.

  • Getting married or feeling romantic? The classical guitar, the most romantic of instruments, is a beautiful choice for that special day or even for a romantic night in. At Classical Guitar for weddings I've compiled a bunch of awesome songs to pick from for the big day, or simply to listen to if yo’re in a romantic mood. Click through the samples and enjoy the suggestions made for the bride's processional, the wedding prelude and the wedding interlude.

  • Classical guitar basics focuses on the nuts and bolts that you need to learn classical guitar. It includes an introduction to the guitar parts, finger names, guitar tuning,introduction to music theory for guitar playing ... to the classical guitar sitting position ... classical guitar supports including footstools ... and to the fundamentals of the the guitar fretboard.

  • Beginner classical guitar lessons provide free online classical guitar lessons that go from raw beginner to your first solo classical guitar piece. These lessons enable you to learn classical guitar through a total of twenty exercises spread across seven lessons. These are all supported by free sheet music and MP3s to help you incrementally and progressively develop your finger strenth and dexterity, musical knowledge and familiarity with the first notes of the guitar.

  • Classical guitar sitting position talks you through the often neglected and critical aspect of the classical guitar sitting positions and introduces you to guitar supports and the footrest.

  • Guitar exams help you to prepare for your Trinity classical guitar examination by providing midis of pieces and links to sheet music. This is a great resource for selecting your examination performance pieces and listening through the midis to get a sense of what the piece sounds like.

  • Free sheet music is a great help when you learn classical guitar as it provides of hours of affordable fun and learning. It can provide hours of fun as you play through the scores.

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