Guitar Finger Names

You might think I know very well the names of my fingers thank you. And you would be quite right. Except that guitar finger names are slightly different as in guitar the fingers have very specific names. This is particularly important in classical guitar where classical guitar scores use these names to suggest to players which fingers to use at certain points. Guitar finger names of the fingers in the left hand are named according to numbers. - (1)- Index Finger - (2)- Middle Finger - (3)- Ring Finger - (4)- Little Finger

The fingers in the right hand are named in classical guitar playing according to the Spanish words for them. - (p) - for pulgar Thumb - (i) - for indico Index Finger - (m) - for medio Middle Finger - (a) - for anular Ring Finger

The picture presented above was extracted from Solo Guitar Playing by Frederick Noad which is undoubtedly one of the most useful books for the

beginner guitarist. Below is a sample of a score where the fingering has been provided. You will: 1. That the "i-m" finger has been provided for E in the first 4 bars and that "p" is indicated for the thumb. 2. Not all of the notes have been fingered. In such cases you can generally assume that if a similar pattern exists that you will continue to use the fingering as provided in the previous few bars. 3. You will also see that some of the notes have numbers next to them. These numbers reflect the fret position of the note.

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