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So many times over the years of playing I've thought, "thank goodness for free sheet music". Truth is, without free sheet music I wouldn't have learnt half the repertoire that I know. In this page, I provide access to some of the best free classical guitar sheet music sites on the web. They’re not in any specific order as each site has something very different to offer, but collectively they’ll provide you with years of enjoyment..

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The principle when using free sheet music is to feel confident that the free sheet music is legally acceptable, and also that it is ethically and appropriate to distributed and download the particular sheet music.  The sites that I recommend on this page are all sites that I feel meets both the legal requirements and this ethical standard.

The classical guitar school provides masses of material for study and performance. It is definitely a site worth looking at.

Guitarpress focuses on classical guitar sheet music produced before 1923. The music is organized by author. There is no search button so you’ll need to search for a particular author and scroll through to check if the score is stored on this site. On the plus side, it contains lots of scores and worth it.

Jan-Olof Eriksson-Classical Guitar provides a number of free scores in pdf.

ClassClef has close to 2 000 classical guitar pieces provided in standard notation, tablature, midi and guitar pro file and all for FREE. Definitely worth a look.

Fernando Sor L’Integral Complete Works provides all the original scores published by Fernando Sor. The webmaster is committed to providing scores that are certified copies of the original Fernando Sor scores.

Music for the nation is managed by the Library of Congress, consists of over 47,000 pieces of sheet music registered for copyright during the years 1870 to 1885. It includes music for piano, guitar and other instruments. The site contains a useful search button which you can use to isolate the guitar music.

Free scores has 20 000+ free scores available with a sample available for classical guitar.

David’s Classical Guitar Site contains all the Villa Lobos Etudes and many other pieces standard to the classical guitar such as Tarrega’s Tango and Recuerdos de la Alhambra. Worth a look.

Yates Guitar is run by Richard Yates, the author of a Classical Guitar book published by Mel Bay. He has done some beautiful transcriptions and these are freely available here on this site.

Best online classical guitar free sheet music archives

Below are some of the best online classical guitar free sheet music archives. 

The Guitar Foundation of America Online Archive was created 1973 by Dr. Thomas Heck with a grant from the NEA. It currently providing access to 271 rare editions in the public domain.

The Hudleston Collection is the private collection of Josiah Andrew Hudleston who lived between1799 and 1865. He collected throughout his life sheet music works composed for the guitar. The Hudleston collection free classical sheet music for composers such as Guiliani, Sor and Carulli. Most of this material has been digitised and the sheet classical guitar sheet music can be found online at the link provided above. If you want to go directly to the search box you can click here

The Boije’s Collection is the collection of sheetmusic owned by Carl Oscar Boije af Gennäs who lived between 1849 and 1923. He was an insurance clerk and amateur guitarist and built up a collection of nearly 1000 classical guitar sheet music. The Boije Collection includes the original Mertz manuscripts. The collection was donated in 1924 and was digitised in 2007. Sheet music from this collection is available for free download in PDF format and the sheet music may be published without any special permissions. The online archive allows for searches by alphabet.

Online Music Stores

If you can’t find what you are looking for in any of the sites above, the following might be of some assistance:

Sheet music plus has an amazing classical guitar sheet music store and many of the most important composers can be accessed through their online store.

For those who don’t have access to Amazon, or want a virtually (well, actually totally) free copy of some of the best beginner classical guitar music like Carcassi's exercises or Frederick Noad's Solo Guitar Playing, you can click on the SCRIBD banner below and sign up for a months free account and download it from there. The version of Frederick Noad's Solo Guitar Playing on SCRIBD is called ‘The Classical Guitar I’. It is one of the earlier version of Solo Guitar Playing. I have all the versions and there really isn’t that much difference between them, except that the later versions have a few more pieces in them. Also, there are three pages in the SCRIBD version where the scan quality is just not great. But, if it’s kindda free …

Free Classical Guitar Sheet Music

I've started building a list of some of my favourite free sheet music by author. You can click on the Free Sheet Music link to scroll through these.

Latest Digital Sheet Music on Virtual Sheet Music®

Pasek and Paul: Never Enough (from The Greatest Showman) (arr. Johnnie Vinson) (COMPLETE) for concert band

Irving Berlin: Always for guitar solo (chords)

Johnny Marks: Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree for voice and piano

Toto: Africa (arr. Alex Morris) for choir (SSAA: soprano, alto)

Toto: Africa (arr. Alex Morris) for choir (SATB: soprano, alto, tenor, bass)

Nat King Cole: I Just Found out About Love (arr. Dave Briner) for choir (TTBB: tenor, bass)

Nat King Cole: I Just Found out About Love (arr. Dave Briner) for choir (SSAA: soprano, alto)

Toto: Africa (arr. Alex Morris) for choir (TTBB: tenor, bass)

Nat King Cole: I Just Found out About Love (arr. Dave Briner) for choir (SATB: soprano, alto, tenor, bass)

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