Antonio Hermosa Classical Guitar


Product Description

The solid cedar top guitar from Antonio Hermosa goes back to these early models to bring you the quality and craftsmanship that appealed to Spain's 19th Century composers. The solid cedar top is a necessity for a highly resonant classical guitar, a warm, clean tonewood that some believe improves with age. This model comes with mahogany back, sides, and neck, 3-ply top purfling, maple binding, and gold-plated tuners. This is a great hand-crafted performance model.

Product Features

- Solid Cedar Top
- Mahogany Back, Sides & Neck
- Maple Binding
- D'Addario Strings
- Gold-Plated Tuners with Brown Pearloid Buttons

See this youtube clip for a review of the Antonio Hermosa Classical Guitar


5.0 out of 5 stars Satisfaction., June 21, 2010 By D. Streblow (Minnesota)
So I have this guitar now.
It is a very good guitar; I'd recommend it to anyone wanting something well made and with good sound at a low price. I know little about how a classical guitar is supposed to sound; but whatever the standard may be, I'd think this would measure quite well. It sounds beautiful to me. And comparing it to my friends Yamaha C40, it has more projection and I think a better tone, and looks far nicer.
The action is very good, Just right; not to low as to buzz, but definitely not too high as to make playing hard. It play's very well.
And it's beautiful. The picture Amazon has on here is rather unappealing, maybe just because it's not detailed, but the guitar looks great. The tuning mechanism is plated brass on the sides, giving it a golden, elegant look, and the keys themselves are brown, and well shaped; not like the C40, with white cubes and plain tin or whatever they make it out of. The color of the guitar, and it's fine polish make it look quiet beautiful indeed.
And, for a bonus, they didn't polish to excess so as to hide the grain of the wood, like people always do with cheap guitars; instead you can see what they have made it with, and it is quality looking wood.
In all, this guitar is definitely worth whatever you might pay for it, (side-note, I think Amazons marking it down to $140 something is actually real, and not some trick to make you think you've found an amazing deal; this guitar is surly worth more than what they have it for) and comes highly recommended.

5.0 out of 5 stars Good Guitar, April 16, 2010 By Sam (St. Cloud MN)
My guitar arrived this morning, that was fast service. I took it out out of its packaging and it was in perfect condition. The wood and finish is great and the maple binding on the body and along the fret board really set it off. This is one good looking guitar. I tune it up and played it for a couple of hours the sound is great. Somebody will have to spend much more money to get a better sounding guitar that looks this good. I ware a jumbo work glove so the wide neck is just what I need. With this guitar I will be able to play a large verity of music both finger style and flat picking. I won't be be looking for another guitar for a long to me and how I will need to fine somebody who wants my old plywood classical guitar.

4.0 out of 5 stars antonio hermosa for first guitar, July 29, 2010 By carrera123
As a beginning player, I wanted enough quality in an instrument to make my learning and exercises feel like a serious endeavor, and also to know that it would be some time before I outgrew the instrument. The AH-10 is very nicely crafted, flawlessly finished and a genuine pleasure to the eye of someone with a developed sense of what quality craftsmanship means. It arrived in good time and was very carefully packed, the instrument having a carton of its own within a bigger carton with plenty of padding around it. Very nice woods on all sides, all the mahogany, cedar, maple and rosewood perfectly clear and without any checks or knots of any kind. The gold-plated tuners and their decorative mounting plates are a nice finishing touch.This AH-10 has a big voice, the sound is round and full on all strings and at all frets. Once the strings are stretched, it holds its tuning very well. All in all, for the very modest price, a high quality instrument in my humble opinion. The new guitarist will feel he has a superior instrument in his hands. It will pull him upward, and it will be his part now to live up to its quality and make himself worthy of it.

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