Beginner Classical Guitar - Lesson 1: Exercise 4 (Notes on the E string)

This is the fourth (and last!!) exercise (Exercise 4) of Lesson 1 (Notes of the E string).

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Let's keep going! This is the last exercise on the E string.

The exercise provided below aim at developing the i-m-i-m movement of your right hand and your familiarity with the E string. Play through it by listening to the song and then playing along with the accompaniment. 

The free sheet music, a YouTube video to follow along as well as the mp3s (with and without accompaniment ) are provided. Students have complained that it is difficult to follow along with the YouTubes at the tempo provided. Please note that the YouTubes are there to give you a sense of what it is supposed to sound like.

I recommend that you print the free sheet music and download the mp3s so that you can follow along. The mp3, like the Youtube is in 80 or 100bpm.

If you find this too difficult, RiffMaster Pro is fantastic software for slowing down any mp3 and increasing the speed slowly, slowly as you become more confident.

 RiffMaster Pro slows any piece of music without distorting the pitch or tempo, allowing you to incrementally increase the speed as you learn the piece of music. It's probably one of the most useful pieces of software in any musicians arsenal. 

Exercise 4

It's important to use the correct finger. Check the diagram in the main lesson here

The video for this exercise is provided below. Practice initially by setting your metronome at a very slow pace. Only once you can play it confidently at a metronome speed of 100 you can play it with the accompaniment provided.

Great! You've finished your last exercise on this string!!

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