Cordoba C5 Classical Guitar


Product Description

Cordoba C5 Nylon string acoustic guitar. Solid Cedar top with Mahogany back/sides. Features a Rosewood binding and fingerboard with quick and easy string action. All wood inlaid rosette. 650mm (25.6 inches) scale length, 52mm (2 inch) nut width

Product Features

-¢ Solid Cedar top
-¢ Mahogany back and sides
• Rosewood bridge and fingerboard
-¢ All wood inlaid rosette
-¢ Includes Cordoba gig bag


Jhempel124 playing a piece on this guitar. It gives you a sense of the quality of the sound of the instrument.


5.0 out of 5 stars By Doc74 (A2, MI, USA) - The best in it's price range and beyond, March 18, 2010

At the time of this writing I have only owned this guitar for 6 days. It is still brand new, it still needs to be 'broken in', heck even the strings have not matured yet and let me tell you, this guitar is just plain wonderful. It is very hard to put down.

It does look beautiful, it is very well made and yes even the gig bag is of great quality and offers a lot of protection...all good qualities but that is not why I bought this guitar.

I asked my wife to join me to the local GC, quite early, before everyone else arrived really. She has a very good ear and I wanted her opinion on a classical guitar, it was not my intention to buy a guitar that day, at all.

I started with some higher priced guitars, $700 - $1000 range. Fine guitars on their own, no complaints. I wanted to pay a more expensive guitar because I needed to know what a really good clssical guitar sounds and feels like.

My wife simply grabbed guitars of the wall and handed them to me, I merely took them and played the same things on all guitars to have a good comparison.

When she handed me this one I plucked one string and something clicked. I played for less than 20 seconds and both my wife and myself were stunned at the sound quality and projection. This was even with old, worn strings on it. I looked down on it and saw the beautiful wood sides and thought oh no, I have found my guitar and it's going to be 2 grand, something I just can not afford.

I flipped the tag and it was less than $300, I was blown away, could not believe it.

There was one more C5 on the wall, tried it out and it was the same wonderful sound. Looked both of them over carefully, played them both again and picked one, they were really identical in every way except a small defect in the clearcoated headstock. I left that one on the wall but held on to the other for dear life, nobody was taking this baby away from me.

I have played several guitars in the past and still own several. Never have I been this excited about a guitar. Not even with my first Gibson or Fender.

I don't think this guitar can be beat. I would have payed double for this guitar.

On top of everything it truly is a beautiful guitar, the woods are simply gorgeous, I especially love the rosewood binding. The tuning gears are gold plated and have ivory knobs and I like it!

By Musicplayer "Musicplayer" (New York) - Wonderful guitar. I simply love it., May 22, 2009 I am extremely happy with my Cordoba C5 guitar. Beautiful sound (cedar top), great playability (low action). Esthetically, it's really beautiful (great combination of woods--cedar top and mahogany back and sides). One more thing: it came with a gig bag. I thought I would probably have to buy a better one but, when I received it, I was happily surprised by the quality of the gig bag: thick padding, 2 shoulder straps to carry it on your back, 2 handles to carry it horizontally, and 1 handle to hold it vertically. The Cordoba gig bag is of much better quality than the one shown on the amazon website. Since I received my Cordoba C5, I have been playing it every day with great pleasure. I simply love my guitar.

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