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So many times over the years of playing I've said, "thank goodness for free sheet music". Truth is, without free sheet music I wouldn't have learnt half the repertoire that I know. In this growing page I provide access to some of the scores that I've worked with and, if you click here, to a list of the top free sheet music sites for classical guitar.


I’m getting a lot of messages from people coming here because they want to learn to play guitar as part of worship. If this is you, you might want to join Aaron Anastasi’s programme. Aaron is a musician and a worship leader. He put together a step by step programme for aspiring Christian musicians. If you're interested, you can use the exercises and advice in learn-classical-guitar-today to develop your finger strength and dexterity and Aaron's lessons to work on strumming and worship music. 


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Aguado D

Albeniz I

Arcas J

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