i'm so inlove with music

by angelica sta.ana

i just started playing classical guitar last may 2011... My mother told me to play "romance d' amour" from the movie forbidden games.. so i searched for a guitar tabs of it from the internet..

then my next piece is "cello suite no. 1 prelude in C major" by J.S. Bach... i got my music sheet from the internet arranged by kosei kubota...i'm familiar with the song because i watched the anime "la corda d oro"...(watch that too, you'll learn so many things about classical music!!)

the next piece that i studied is "salut d' amour" by Edward Elgar.. i also heard it from the said anime...

then, i found out that there's a thing like grade 1 , grade 2.... so i searched for pieces of grade 1 students.. then i found "andante" by giuliani...

in more than 3 months, i studied(self-studied actually..hehe) 4 pieces.. and now, i want to study "liebestraum" by liszt.. however i cant find a good tabs for that song.. hehe

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